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    Yeoman Generator for Golang Microservices



    Install Yeoman

    $ npm install -g yo

    Install with NPM

    $ npm install generator-goapi
    $ yo goapi
    ? Author Name: clivern
    ? Package Name: helmet
    ? Package Title: Helmet
    ? Package Description: Orders Microservice
    ? Output Directory: helmet
       create helmet/.goreleaser.yml
       create helmet/.mergify.yml
       create helmet/
       create helmet/
       create helmet/Dockerfile
       create helmet/LICENSE
       create helmet/Makefile
       create helmet/
       create helmet/config.dist.yml
       create helmet/
       create helmet/config.test.yml
       create helmet/config.toml
       create helmet/.gitignore
       create helmet/go.mod
       create helmet/go.sum
       create helmet/helmet.go
       create helmet/renovate.json
       create helmet/.github/CODEOWNERS
       create helmet/.github/FUNDING.yml
       create helmet/.github/dependabot.yml
       create helmet/.github/workflows/build.yml
       create helmet/.github/workflows/release.yml
       create helmet/.github/workflows/release_pkg.yml
       create helmet/.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/
       create helmet/.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/
       create helmet/assets/logo.png
       create helmet/bin/
       create helmet/cache/.gitignore
       create helmet/cmd/license.go
       create helmet/cmd/root.go
       create helmet/cmd/server.go
       create helmet/cmd/version.go
       create helmet/core/controller/health.go
       create helmet/core/middleware/correlation.go
       create helmet/core/model/.gitkeep
       create helmet/core/module/.gitkeep
       create helmet/core/service/correlation.go
       create helmet/core/service/file_system.go
       create helmet/core/util/map.go
       create helmet/core/util/map_test.go
       create helmet/deployment/.gitkeep
       create helmet/deployment/docker/.gitkeep
       create helmet/deployment/k8s/.gitkeep
       create helmet/deployment/linux/
       create helmet/deployment/linux/
       create helmet/docs/.gitkeep
       create helmet/pkg/loader.go
       create helmet/pkg/server_mock.go
       create helmet/rfc/.gitkeep
       create helmet/sdk/.gitkeep

    Or with Yeoman

    $ yo
    ? 'Allo Clivern! What would you like to do? Install a generator
    ? Search npm for generators: generator-goapi


    For transparency into our release cycle and in striving to maintain backward compatibility, generator-goapi is maintained under the Semantic Versioning guidelines and release process is predictable and business-friendly.

    See the Releases section of our GitHub project for changelogs for each release version of generator-goapi. It contains summaries of the most noteworthy changes made in each release.

    Bug tracker

    If you have any suggestions, bug reports, or annoyances please report them to our issue tracker at

    Security Issues

    If you discover a security vulnerability within generator-goapi, please send an email to


    We are an open source, community-driven project so please feel free to join us. see the contributing guidelines for more details.


    © 2021, Clivern. Released under MIT License.

    generator-goapi is authored and maintained by @Clivern.


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