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A Yeoman Golang Generator

We are very sorry Gophers, but other names for the generator where taken, so we choose go-lang

Getting Started

We highly recommand to use nvm (NVM) to manage your Node versions, and to use the most recent versions

if you have dep for Go package management installed, the generator provides you with an option for that to initialize

First, you have to install yo, as to use any Yeoman Generator.

npm i -g yo

You install the generator by running the following command.

npm i -g generator-go-lang

Create your project in the $GOPATH.

mkdir $GOPATH/src/<username>/your-new_app && cd $_

Have fun.

yo go-lang


We can highly recommend to consult the Yeoman Guide to write your own Yeoman Generator. Most importantly, to use the generator locally, you have to npm link the generator.