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Yeoman generator for a Boston Globe project. Supports SASS, Compass, Lodash templates, includes Bitbucket/GitHub integration. Concatenates/uglifies/minifies everything to one file.

Also known as MAGIC.

Please note: do not reproduce Boston Globe logos or fonts without written permission.


  • Install Node.js.
  • Install hub (on OS X, using Homebrew) and wget: brew install hub wget git-extras.
  • Install Yeoman, Gulp, the Lo-Dash cli, and this generator: sudo npm install -g yo gulp lodash-cli generator-globeproject.
  • Install various CSS utilities: gem install sass compass breakpoint.
  • If you want to commit your project to version control (highly recommended), you'll need to create a GitHub or Bitbucket account. Bitbucket offers unlimited free repositories. GitHub does not, but it is a much better tool. You decide.


  • To update the generator: sudo npm update -g generator-globeproject.

Creating a new project

  • Create the folder and cd into it: mkdir myProject && cd $_.
  • Invoke the generator: yo globeproject.
  • Follow all prompts.
  • Finally, run npm install. If this gives you any errors run it again as sudo, e.g. sudo npm install.

Adding a new graphic to your project

  • Run yo globeproject:graphic in your project's root directory.


Every graphic in your project has various folders and files. Here's a guide to the important bits.

Editing HTML

Put your graphic's html in graphics/<graphic>/html/html.html, specifically inside <div class='<graphicType>-<graphic>'></div>.

Editing CSS

Put your CSS in graphics/<graphic>/css/_layout.scss.

Editing JavaScript

Put your JavaScript in graphics/<graphic>/js/main.js.

Adding third-party libraries

If you need to load external libraries (e.g. D3):

  1. Install it with npm and require it, CommonJS style, like so: var d3 = require('d3');. If that didn't make any sense,
  2. Use Bower. If you're not familiar with this tool,
  3. Download the library manually. Place it in the libs folder.

If you chose 2 or 3, you'll now have to reference the library in graphics/<graphic>/html/js.html. For example, for D3, add <script src='js/libs/d3/d3.js'></script>.

  • bower install leaflet
  • Add the following in js.html (make sure it's above the bundle.js reference): <script src='../../libs/highcharts/highcharts.js'></script>


Run gulp and follow all prompts.


Sublime shortcut

  • Install Sublime Text and setup the super-handy subl alias.
  • Now, from the command line, run subl globeproject.sublime-project. Sublime Text will hide all non-essentials folders and files. Much cleaner!

Lodash templates

  • Lodash templates are cool! And this generator supports them out of the box. Create a lodash template, place it in graphics/<graphic>/js/templates, and make sure to name it *.template (e.g. graphics/<graphic>/js/templates/table.template). Templates are stored in _.templates, e.g.:{name:"gabriel"}).

Precompiled Lodash templates (DISABLED AT THE MOMENT)

  • If you want to create some html based on data, but don't want to do it in the client, you can precompile and render them to html. Uses the same Lodash templating style as our js templates.
  • To use, create a .template file in the precompile folder. Create a JSON file with the same filename in the same folder.
{"name": "jira", "age": 19}
<p>Welcome {{name}}</p>
{= if(age < 21) { =}
    <p>You are too young to view this code</p>
{= } =}
  • Run gulp render-templates to render all .template files in the precompile folder, output will be .html. Now you can just copy that over to your graphic html file.

Google spreadsheet data to JSON (DISABLED AT THE MOMENT)

  • Run gulp spreadsheet and follow the instructions on screen.
  • Results will be put in the data folder as both csv and JSON.
  • Note: to use this, you must publish your spreadsheet, and make it public to the web via the share options. The sheet key can be found in the url, as well as the gid for the different tabs.


  • Gabriel Florit
  • Russell Goldenberg
  • Cecilia Reyes
  • Andrew Tran


MIT © The Boston Globe



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