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Zurb Foundation 4.3 generator that bootstraps default themes, is build ready out of the box, and has a CoffeeScript Gruntfile.


Author: James Akers

This project is a Yeoman generator for Foundation by Zurb version 4.3 that builds a skeleton app that is ready to run in the browser.

  • is bootstrapped with CoffeeScript, Gruntfile (default - optional)
  • includes Foundation Templates
  • bower installation of Foundation
  • includes coffeescript, livereload, compass, watch
  • is grunt build ready right out of the box
  • Yo: npm install -g yo
  • compass [sudo] gem install compass
  • npm install -g generator-foundation-ext
  • mkdir [/some/directory]
  • cd [/some/directory]
  • npm install generator-foundation-ext
  • mkdir /path/to/[project name]
  • cd /path/to/[project name]
  • Run: yo foundation-ext
  • > Enter site name: [Site Name]
  • > Gruntfile as CoffeeScript ☕ ?: (Y/n):
  • > Choose Foundation Template - [ abide|banded|banner|bare|blog|boxy|contact|feed|grid|marketing|orbit|realty|sidebar|store|welcome|workspace]: (welcome)
  • Run: grunt server
  • Run: grunt server
  • Defaultly runs with livereload at http://localhost:9000
  • Run: grunt build or just grunt
  • Creates a minified ditributable project in the dist directory of your project
  • Don't have bower import everything from Foundation repo
  • Allow previous versions of Foundation
  • Add additional generators for add-ons

BSD License