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    Flux/React application generator

    Interested in taking next-gen Flux for a spin?

    Try the new generator-redux to get a sneak peek at the future of functional Flux/React!

    Getting Started

    What is Flux?

    It's an "Application Architecture for Building User Interfaces", built by the team at Facebook. It's a set of patterns building larger applications on top of the incredible React component library.


    • Facebook's Flux architecture (using official dispatcher)
    • Gulp for builds
    • Browserify and CJS modules
    • Babel for es6 transpilation
    • Static server with livereload
    • SASS CSS preprocessor

    Basic Support

    • Choice of UI Framework (React-Bootstrap, Material UI)

    Coming soon:

    • React-router
    • Storage options: localStorage and Firebase to start
    • Test generation (likely using Jest)
    • Cleaner ActionCreator patterns


    You must have Node.js w/NPM installed. I recommend installing via homebrew, but you should be able to use the pre-built installers if you prefer.

    Also, generator-flux is a Yeoman generator. If you do not have Yeoman installed, first run:

    $ npm install -g yo

    Installing the generator

    To install generator-flux from npm, run:

    $ npm install -g generator-flux

    Finally, initiate the generator:

    $ yo flux

    Configuration Options

    During install-time, you will be prompted to enter some information to help create the project structure and package.json file:

    • Application name (string): A human-readable name for your project, i.e. "My Flux Application"
    • Application Description (string): Describe your application in one sentence, to be used in package.json and the generated

    Running the scaffolded project

    The generated project includes a live-reloading static server on port 8080 (you can change the port in the gulpfile.js config), which will build, launch, and rebuild the app whenever you change application code. To start the server, run:

    $ npm start

    To run the live-reloading static server on port 8080 with source maps enabled (don't use source maps for production!), run:

    $ npm run dev

    If you prefer to just build without the live reload and build-on-each-change watcher, run:

    $ npm run build

    After First Run

    The flux generator is still useful even after your app is fully generated. It comes with several subgenerators that you can invoke at any time to add new:


    $ yo flux:component ComponentName


    $ yo flux:action ActionCreatorName


    $ yo flux:store StoreName




    npm i generator-flux

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