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    Welcome FedHipster

    Octo Consulting FedHipster USWDS 2.0 Apache 2.0 License Semver Open Source Love

    Welcome FedHipster

    FedHipster is a fork of JHipster with support for U.S. Web Design System

    Steps to build and test locally

    • Install FedHipster as a global module using the steps [][jhipster-url]
      • If installed successfully, you should be able to run fedhipster --version from the command lin
    • Clone this repository: git clone, change directory to the project root cd generator-fedhipster
    • Checkout the UWSDS branch git checkout with-uswds-option
    • Run npm link. The fedhipster executable will now use the source code from this project. Any changes made in this repo will immediately be reflected when you run fedhipster.
    • Create a new folder mkdir uwsds-app, cd uswds-app and run fedhipster --skip-server --db --auth=oauth2
    • Choose Angular as the framework and US Wed Design Standard as the style library.

    If everything was install correctly npm start should launch the application.

    Steps to use the subgenerator ('fedhipster entity foo') with using a local version on FedHipster.

    Fedhipster will try to use the version of generator-fedhipster this is in node_module's even if you follow the steps above. NPM will download FedHipster to and not use the one we linked to above.

    First, update the version of generator-fedhipster in your node_modules so that it uses the global module linked earlier.

    $npm link generator-fedhipster

    In cli/fedhipster.js (line 55) from your source code in your local generator-fedhipster, remove the code that search in the node_modules for the subgenerator. Comment out the if

                // if (__dirname !== path.dirname(localCLI)) {
                    // load local version
                    /* eslint-disable import/no-dynamic-require */
          "Using JHipster version installed locally in current project's node_modules");
                // }


    npm i generator-fedhipster

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