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Yeoman generator to download and setup Craft CMS on a local machine. Its optimized for a MAMP based workflow but could work with other systems. The only thing you need to do before running it is setup a host via mamp that points to an empty 'project-name/public' directory

When run it will ask you for the project name, local host name, and local database name then it will run through the steps outlined below

What the generator does

Yeoman's Steps

  • Copy over some default config and template files, and makes empty plugins and storage folders
  • Copy over a starter Gruntfile.js with package.json (more on this later)
  • Copy really basic bower.json (just includes bootstrap for now)
  • Runs npm install
  • Runs bower install
  • Then it launches a Grunt Command called 'craft-install'

Grunt's Steps

  • Download craft via curl
  • Unzips it
  • copies over just the app folder into the /craft folder
  • Delete the zip file and temporary unziped folder
  • makes a database named whatever you called it during the initial setup (assumes username:root password:root)
  • compiles the bootstrap less file
  • opens the admin install screen

Craft's Steps

  • craft handles the rest via the normal install workflow

Setup Instructions

1 - Install this generator via npm (only have to do this once and it assumes have yo installed)

npm install -g generator-familiar-craft

2 - Create a local host via MAMP that points to an empty 'project-name/public' folder

3 - Finally, initiate the generator:

yo familiar-craft

Reusable Grunt Functions

grunt db_pull

will download and backup a copy of the database from the live or staging server and import it into your local

grunt db_push

pushes a local database up to live

grunt craft

downloads a copy of the latest craft from buildwithcraft.com and replaces just the /craft/app folder. Great if your local files get behind the live.

grunt install

grabs craft app folder, creates the local database, and opens chrome to the craft install screem

grunt setup

similar to install but it assumes your working from an existing repo with a live server. grabs craft app folder, creates the local database, and does a db_pull



npm i generator-familiar-craft

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