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    Photoshop Assets Generator

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    Automate the extraction of photoshop assets using the GENERATOR PLUGIN, here you can find a detailed explanation on how you should name your layers in order for this library to work.

    What this lib will do for you:

    • Automatically launch photoshop
    • Open a given array of files
    • Activate the Generator Assets Plugin
    • Close all documents after all assets has been generated, and optionally close photoshop.

    Perfect for CI (Continuous Integration) This was the reason i built this anyway.

    Why do i need this?

    If you are developing something that grab some assets from a psd file, why not using the the magic of assets generation to streamline your pipeline? so then you don't have to export your assets every time you make some changes, and even better, if you are working with some kind of CI (Jenkins, Bamboo, Strider....) you can automate the assets extraction process!


    You must have photoshop installed in your local machine in order to this lib to work.

    In photoshop's preferences go to plug-ins and make sure Enable Generator and Enable Remote Connections are checked.

    Pick any Service Name you like, and input a Password (this lib defaults to 123456).


    npm install generator-exporter

    Usage with Node

    import { Generator } from 'generator-exporter'
    import * as glob from 'glob'
    import * as path from 'path'
    const files = glob.sync(
        path.resolve(__dirname, '**/*.psd')
    const generator = new Generator(files, {
        password: '123456',
        generatorOptions: {
            'base-directory': path.resolve(__dirname, 'output')
    generator.start().then(files => console.log(files));

    Usage from Command Line

    generator-cli --help 
    generator-cli --files 'source/**/*.psd' --exclude '**/*(references|temp)/**' --password 654321 -c false -g.base-directory output

    Config Options (OptionsInterface)

    Property Default Description
    closePhotoshop true Terminate photoshop after execution.
    hostname The host the socket is listing to connections, defaults to your local IP.
    password 123456 The generator's password set inside photoshop plugins section.
    port 49494 Socket's port.
    maxRetries 10 Max number of retries this library will try to make with photoshop before assume it's dead.
    retryDelay 5000 Delay between each retry.
    generatorOptions { ... } See all the available options in here.


    /** Create a Generator Instance  **/
    const generator = new Generator(string|string[], OptionsInterface)
    /** Start Extraction **/
    generator.start().then(files => {})
    /** Self Explanatory **/




    npm i generator-exporter

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