A Yeoman generator for esperanto

A esperanto generator for Yeoman


First install the esperanto generator

npm install -g generator-esperanto

Create a new directory, and cd into it:

mkdir my-project && cd $_

Run yo esperanto:

yo esperanto

This will create a esperanto-boilerplate app, runs npm install, and installs all the dev dependencies via grunt bower task.

Available sub-generators:

Generates a Marionette ItemView (or) Layout (or)CollectionView at a specified location.


yo esperanto:view "YourViewName"

This will be followed by a bunch of questions for fetching path information.


  • a Marionette ItemView/Layout/CollectionView
  • a html template file associated with this view
  • a test spec file for the view
  • adds the test spec to the test suite
  • if your view type is a collection view, it will associate an itemview to the newly created view.

Generates a Geppetto Command at the specified location.


yo esperanto:command "YourCommandName"


  • YourCommandName.js at the specified location.
  • A test spec file for this command
  • adds the test spec to the test suite

Generates a Geppetto Context at the specified location.


yo esperanto:context "YourContextName"


  • YourContextName.js at the specified location.

Here are the most commonly used grunt tasks for esperanto

  • Checks for jshint errors
  • Runs your unit tests and blanket code coverage


  • installs all 3rd party dependencies via bower.
  • All libs are copied into www/libs directory
  • This task is run when the app is created. Run this task only if you made changes to bower.json


grunt bower:install
  • compiles your sass files under www/src/scss and produces a css file under www/src/css


grunt sass

For additional grunt tasks please see the [esperanto documentation] (