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    A Yeoman generator for single-page applications using the Elm language.

    This generator scaffolds a single-page application (SPA) for Elm following the best practices outlined in The Elm Architecture guide while leveraging the fantastic Hop router. This generator features sub-generators to quickly scaffold additional Views and Components. In addition, it provides modern developer and release tooling, including: native module development using Babel and Node.js libraries via Webpack, automatic recompilation via Gulp, live reloading of styles using gulp-livereload, modern debugging via elm-reactor, and separate development and distribution builds.


    Base generator

    • Multiple views
    • Smart and dumb components
    • Hop router
    • Native modules and tooling
    • PostCSS/CSSNext style pre/postprocessor with live reloading
    • SourceMaps for native modules
    • Watch tooling for native modules and styles via Gulp and Webpack
    • Hot swapping (broken in 0.16) and time travel debugging via elm-reactor
    • Tooling to build for distribution
    • Environment-specific configuration

    View sub-generator

    • Generates separate source files
    • Generated source placed in src/elm/spa/App/Views in it's own subfolder
    • Generated View compiles

    Component sub-generator

    • Generates a single source file
    • Generated source placed in src/elm/spa/App/Components
    • Generated Component compiles


    You will need Elm, Yeoman and Gulp installed globally (for *nix users, this may require sudo):

    $ npm install -g elm yo gulp

    Getting Started

    To install generator-elm-spa run:

    $ npm install -g generator-elm-spa

    Then start the generator:

    $ yo elm-spa

    Once the generator is complete, run the web server:

    $ npm run server

    Then navigate to http://localhost:8000/dev/index.html for debugging using the elm-reactor debugger, or to http://localhost:8000/dist/index.html to view the final distribution.


    In addition to the base SPA scaffolding, this generator also scaffolds views:

    $ yo elm-spa:view MyView
       create src/elm/spa/App/Views/MyView/Actions.elm
       create src/elm/spa/App/Views/MyView/Models.elm
       create src/elm/spa/App/Views/MyView/Update.elm
       create src/elm/spa/App/Views/MyView/View.elm

    and components:

    $ yo elm-spa:component MyComponent
       create src/elm/spa/App/Components/MyComponent.elm


    Manually create development and distribution builds:

    $ npm run build

    Watch all source for changes and automatically recompile as necessary:

    $ npm run watch

    Run the elm-reactor web server:

    $ npm run server

    SPA Structure

    dev/                              - Development build output folder
    dist/                             - Distribution build output folder
    elm-stuff/                        - Elm package and build folder
    node_modules/                     - NPM module folder
    src/                              - Source folder
       elm/                           - Elm source folder
          native/                     - Custom native Elm module source folder
             Native/                  - Native modules are built and output here
             Hello.elm                - Custom Elm wrapper for the Hello native module example
          spa/                        - Elm SPA source folder
             App/                     - Main App folder
                Components/           - SPA components folder
                   Bootstrap.elm      - Example Bootstrap components (dumb)
                   Counter.elm        - Example Counter component (smart)
                   Navbar.elm         - Example Navbar component (smart)
             Views/                   - SPA views folder
                Counter/              - Counter view example folder
                   Actions.elm        - Counter view actions
                   Models.elm         - Counter view models
                   Update.elm         - Counter view update method
                   View.elm           - Counter view's view
                Error/                - Error views
                   Empty/             - Empty view folder
                      View.elm        - Empty view's view
                   NotFound/          - NotFound view folder
                      View.elm        - NotFound view's view
                Home/                 - Home view example folder
                   Actions.elm        - Home view actions
                   Models.elm         - Home view models
                   Update.elm         - Home view update methods
                   View.elm           - Home view's view
              Actions.elm             - App actions
              App.elm                 - App entry point
              Models.elm              - App models
              Router.elm              - App router
              Update.elm              - App update method
              View.elm                - App's main view
       html/                          - HTML source folder
              - Index template for development build
          index.dist.html             - Index template for distribution build
       js/                            - JavaScript source folder
          hello/                      - Hello example native module
             hello.js                 - Hello example's functional source
             index.js                 - Hello example's native JavaScript wrapper for Elm
       pcss/                          - PostCSS source
          main.pcss                   - Style entrypoint
          _elm-reactor.pcss           - Override styles for `elm-reactor` overlay
    .babelrc                          - Babel 6 configuration
    .gitignore                        - `Git` ignore file
    elm-package.json                  - `elm-package` file
    Gulpfile.js                       - `Gulp` task definitions
    package.json                      - `npm` package file                         - SPA project readme




    npm i generator-elm-spa

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