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Foundation asset pipeline for Expression Engine

Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a Foundation 5 front-end for Expression Engine using Gulp for the build process.


  • Any changes you make to your html, styles, scripts etc. will be automatically shown without you having to refresh the browser or worry about compiling etc. Welcome to awesome-town my friend! :)

  • Built-in preview server with BrowserSync (new)

  • CSS Autoprefixing (new)

  • Automagically compile Sass (via libsass) (new)

  • Automagically lint your scripts

  • Awesome Image Optimization (via OptiPNG, pngquant, jpegtran and gifsicle)

  • Automagically wire-up dependencies installed with Bower (when you run gulp watch or gulp wiredep)

Getting Started

  • Install Expression Engine into your project directory
  • Set your vhost/server name to in MAMP etc. and point it to your project.
  • Install: npm install generator-ee-foundation -g.
  • Run: yo ee-foundation in your project directory.
  • Within Expression Engine, set your master template to master.html under admin/templates/default_site/ which was created by this generator (I like to rename the Expression Engine system directory to admin).
  • Run gulp watch when developing. This will wire all bower dependencies & watch your styles, scripts and even your Gulpfile for changes and automatically reload the browser.
  • Default styles are included for small, medium and large breakpoints, so style accordingly.
  • When ready to deploy, run gulp build and this will generate a dist directory (distribution) which will contain your production ready files, ready to be deployed.
  • If you want to over-ride any of Foundation's settings, please see _settings.scss.
  • Hit me up with questions on Twitter: @niall_obrien


Libsass (gulp-sass) does not yet support all of the features of Ruby Sass >= 3.3. At the moment, gulp-sass cannot compile Foundation 5.4.3 out of the box as they're using Sass syntax >= 3.3. Please see this open issue and this forum thread. Remove the !global statement from the _functions.scss file and gulp-sass will work. I tried gulp-ruby-sass, which can compile with no problems, but damn it's slow!

Third-Party Dependencies


To install dependencies, run bower install depName --save to get the files. When you run gulp watch again, it will automatically wire your dependencies in your master.html file.


  • --skip-install

    Skips the automatic execution of bower and npm after scaffolding has finished.

  • --test-framework=<framework>

    Defaults to mocha. Can be switched for another supported testing framework like jasmine.


BSD license

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