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A generator for Yeoman. (!Important! This is work in progress right now, so keep calm and describe your issues in the queue on github)

Getting started

  • Make sure you have yo installed: npm install -g yo
  • Install the generator: npm install -g generator-drupaltheme
  • Run: yo drupaltheme

Current functionality includes:

  • info file
  • placeholder images for logo and screenshot
  • bower, editor and jshint config
  • choice of CSS, SCSS or COMPASS scaffolding
  • HTML5 templates and preprocessing

NEW: drush integration

There is currently an experimental drush integration through a drush plugin. See the sandbox project on drush themegenerator

It currently provides a

  • drush command (drush gt) to
    • pass Drupal environment variables to yeoman
    • pick up yo generator configuration from (base)themes
    • pick up yo generator configuration from ~/.drush_themegenerator/starterkits folder

A sample yo generator configuration can be found here: gt_blueprints

    $ mkdir ~/.drush_themegenerator/
    $ cd ~/.drush_themegenerator/
    $ git clone starterkits



  • directory structure documentation
  • Grunt integration
    • linting
    • compiling
    • uglyfying
    • optimization
    • live reloading
  • Drupal logo in generator ;)

Drupal 7

  • more preprocessing with (sane) defaults
  • better template.php structure with includes
  • sub generator for panels/panelizer

Drupal 8

  • a choice for Drupal 8 flavor


GPL License