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1.3.2 • Public • Published Core Angular 2 Yeoman generator

Starter kit for all who want to use Core with Angular 2

Welcome to Core Angular 2 template!

Technical details about this generator:

Right now there are two templates to choose.

Personally, I recommend template2, because angular part is made there by experts ;)

Used technologies:

  • Core (with WebAPI) - for backend management
  • Angular 2 (RC 4) - for frontend management
  • TypeScript - because it works much better with Angular than pure JS
  • Gulp(template1)/Webpack(template2) - for all automation
  • Bootstrap - for better appearance
  • Entity Framework - for database management
  • OpenIddict - authentication process


npm install -g generator-dotnetcore-angular2-starterkit

You'll also need Yeoman

npm install -g yo

What do you need to make project work

  1. Core because it's .net core project
  2. Node.JS because it's used in building process
  3. NPM to install yeoman and this generator
  4. Gulp (just install it globally)
  5. Node scripts like npm, gulp, bower need to work globally in console. This is how you can do it.

Generating new project

yo dotnetcore-angular2-starterkit

After installation:

For template 1: Check out project README. Read this if you have any doubts, questions or problems. You can find it in every project you generate using this template.

For template 2: check out this GitHub page

Doesn't work?

You can debug this generator by typing

set DEBUG=yeoman:generator yo dotnetcore-angular2-starterkit

in your console. Copy error message and let me know about it by creating new issue on GitHub.


Apache-2.0 © Piotrek


npm i generator-dotnetcore-angular2-starterkit

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