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generator-dmninteractives NPM version

A Yeoman generator for DMN-flavored "interactive" pages with easy publishing.

Translation: A simple app that helps speed up developing a custom "interactive" page using our DMN house template.

What it does:

  • Scaffolds your project's development directory, shortcutting setup time.
  • Compiles and bundles SCSS and JS files.
  • Populates meta tags from a JSON file.
  • Creates responsive image sets optimized for mobile devices.
  • Publishes your project to an Amazon S3 bucket.

See the wiki for complete instructions on using the app.


  • Node - brew install node
  • Git - brew install git
  • Recommended: git-secrets - brew install git-secrets


Install global dependencies, including Yeoman and the generator.

$ npm install -g gulp-cli yo
$ npm install -g --production generator-dmninteractives

(The --production flag is optional, but prevents your global Node modules folder from getting confused by the dev tooling for the generator)


Starting a new project

Create a clean directory for your project in your terminal.

$ mkdir your-app-directory
cd your-app-directory

Run the generator in your new project directory.

$ yo dmninteractives

The generator will set up your working directory, install dependencies, copy template files and scripts, start a local webserver and open your browser.

Be sure to fill out the meta.json file to correctly complete metatags in the template.

Developing your project

The generator uses gulp, a node-based task runner, to watch your directories for changes as you code, render templates, prepare static files and start a local webserver to preview your project in the browser.

To work on your project, launch gulp in your app's root directory:

$ gulp

Your project is separated into two main directories:

  • src
  • dist

The src directory is your working directory. You'll write all your code and place all necessary static assets in this directory.

The dist directory includes transpiled SCSS, minified JavaScript and responsive images. Gulp serves a live preview of your page from this folder.

Publishing your project

Execute one of the gulp publish commands to publish to either the test or production directory of the bucket:

  • gulp publish
  • gulp publish-test



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