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Dizmo Internationalization

Allows the i18next internationalization library to be integrated into a dizmo.


npm run install

The dist directory should contain a corresponding i18n-*.min.js build.

HTML Integration

Add a <script> tag to the index.html markup of your dizmo:

<script src="path/to/i18n-*.min.js"></script>

Where you should replace the star * with the corresponding version number.

Node Integration

Install package:

npm install --save generator-dizmo-i18n

Add a require statement to e.g. the index.js module of your dizmo:

var i18n = require('generator-dizmo-i18n');


Invoke i18n to initialize the translation framework, and then access the translations with the t function:

i18n(function (err, t) {


Create a assets/locales/translation.en.json reference translation:

    "greeting": "Hello World!"

And optionally, create also a assets/locales/ translation:

    "greeting": "Hallo Welt!"


Use to import, translate and export the translation.*.json translation files.