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    daburupy a Yeoman generator for a basic python project that includes pytest, Sphinx, a Makefile and a few other standard pieces to get your project going.

    If you haven't used yeoman templates before, take a look at the Getting Started with Yeoman article on the project page.

    Get ready, get set...

    Install npm

    If you haven't already installed npm, you'll need to do that first.

    One pretty easy way to install npm and node is with nvm. If you want to go this route, use curl to kick off the install script:

    curl | bash

    At the time of this writing, 0.3.88 was the current version, but it may well have changed since then. Go to the Github project page to find the latest release.

    After installing, you'll need to close and reopen your terminal, or run the following command:

    source ~/.bashrc

    You can then verify that nvm installed correctly by running the following command:

    nvm --version

    Lastly, just install node.

    nvm install node

    Install yeoman

    If you haven't already installed Yeoman, perform the following steps:

    npm install -g yo

    Install bower

    If you haven't already installed Bower, perform the following steps:

    npm install -g bower

    Install the daburupy Generator

    npm install -g generator-daburupy

    Create Your Project

    From a command prompt go into the directory in which you'd love to start your new python project and execute the template generator.

    cd /my/target/directory
    yo daburupy

    The generator will ask you a few questions and, based on your answers, generate your new project.

    Next Steps

    Once the project skeleton has been generated, you can use the Makefile to create your virtual environment.

    make venv

    Now that you have a virtual environment, go ahead and activate it.

    source venv/bin/activate

    At this point, you can install the project's required modules, run the example test and generate the project's Sphinx documentation.

    make install
    make test
    make docs

    Start Coding

    If everything else went well, you can start coding your project.


    npm i generator-daburupy

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