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A Crafty.js generator for Yeoman. Provides Craft.js scaffolding based on CraftyBoilerplate (


  • CraftyJS project skeleton
  • CraftyJS scaffolding for:
    • Scenes
    • Components

And it's an awesome Yeoman generator:

  • Test server with live reloading
  • Project building using Grunt
  • etc... generator for CraftyJS game engine.

npm install -g yo

Install generator-crafty:

npm install -g generator-crafty

Make a new directory, and cd into it:

mkdir my-new-project && cd $_

Run yo crafty and talk with Yeoman, he creates the project skeleton for you

Now creating a new CraftyJS scene is as easy as running yo crafty:scene MyScene

You called the scene subgenerator with the argument MyScene.
   create app/scripts/scenes/MyScene.js

Now we can edit the just created scene, here's an example:

Crafty.scene('MyScene', function() {
  var Block = Crafty.e('2D, Canvas, Color')
      x: 100,
      y: 100,
      w: 50,
      h: 50
    .color('rgb(20, 185, 40)');
}, function() {
  // destructor

And editing the game.js file:

'use strict';
var Game = {
  // Initialize and start our game
  start: function () {
    Crafty.load([ ], function () {
      // Start crafty and set a background color so that we can see it's working
      Crafty.init(400, 600);
      // Simply start splashscreen

Now you can test your beautiful creation in the browser by running grunt serve. With live reloading you can edit your projects files and see the magic happen in your browser almost instantly, how cool is that?

Are you ready for liftoff? Run grunt build and check out the dist directory in your projects root.