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A generator for Yeoman.


Getting started

  • Make sure you have the following installed:

  • Install any SDKs you need for developing platform applications:

  • Install the generator: npm install -g generator-cordova

  • Run: yo cordova


Once you have ran yo cordova yeoman should now have scaffolded a cordova framework for you.

Serve to web browser

To deploy as local web server and watch for changes requires the installation of LiveReload browser extension.

grunt serve --platform=ios: prepares and serves the application as a local web server at http://localhost:8000/, watching for changes then preparing/redeploying the web server.

grunt ripple --platform=ios: prepares and serves using ripple

Serve to emulator

grunt emulate: builds and emulates all installed platforms

grunt live-emulate: builds and emulates all installed platforms, watching for changes then building/redeploying the emulator.

Serve to device

grunt device: builds and runs all installed platforms

grunt live-device: builds and runs all installed platforms, watching for changes then building/redeploying.


--platform: sets a platform to build/emulate. eg. --platform=ios

--family: sets a family to build/emulate. eg. --family=ipad


grunt live-emulate --platform=ios --family=ipad: builds and emulates the ios platform using the ipad family.

Experimental webapp Integration

  • If you select the yo webapp integration, you'll get the following:
    • Live Reload with auto prepare with grunt server
    • Autoprefixer, which will automatically add vendor prefixes (i.e. display: flex will give you all vendor versions, old and new)
    • Sass supprt, CSS, JS, HTML minification
  • Your commands are:
    • grunt run to run on a device
    • grunt emulate to run on an emulator
    • grunt build to build the web and cordova project
    • grunt server to start a local server (with live reload)
  • Options
    • This only supports the use of --platform=ios at the moment


MIT License