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A yeoman generator for creating an AngularJS (v1.2.0) modules project.

Based on the booang generator, the MEAN stack generator by W. Lepinski and the Angular generator for the sub-generators.

Getting started

  • Make sure you have yo installed on the latest version. npm install -g yo
  • Install the generator: npm install -g generator-comang
  • Run: yo comang on your new folder app

After that follow the steps below.

  1. Use the command grunt server to start the tester application with built-in preview server with LiveReload on Chrome.
  • Modules generated by the sub-generators are copied to ./main/tester_app/js/ immediately on edition by the LiveReload for development purposes. Note: Do not edit directly your modules on the tester application or your changes will be lost.
  1. Use the command grunt test for launching unit tests with Karma and linting with jshint.
  • For test debugging use grunt test:debug.
  1. Use the command grunt build to generate a concatenated file of all your angular modules (in the future I will include a min.js file also).

Tester App

Sets up a new Expressjs, AngularJS and Node.js stack, generating all the boilerplate you need to get started developing modules for angular. The project generator also optionally installs Twitter Bootstrap and JQuery.


Available generators:

  • comang
  • comang:controller [module name]
  • comang:directive [module name]
  • comang:filter [module name]
  • comang:service [module name]
  • comang:provider [module name]
  • comang:factory [module name]
  • comang:value [module name]
  • comang:constant [module name]
  • comang:decorator [module name]

Note: Generators are to be run from the root directory of your app.

Sub-generators generate files under ./main/modules/, and correspondent test files under ./test/spec/ and add the new dependency to the ./main/tester_app/index.html file for starting right away writing your code.

Bower Components

The following packages are always installed by the project generator:

  • angular
  • angular-mocks
  • angular-scenario
  • angular-animate
  • angular-route
  • angular-cookies
  • angular-loader
  • angular-resource
  • angular-sanitize
  • angular-touch
  • es5-shim
  • json3

Bower is set to install packages on ./main/tester_app/libs/


MIT License