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    Client-heavy stack for node development.

    The stack:

    Quick install

    Download + run (this will install a local version of node, grunt and yeoman).

    Alternative install

    1. Install node + npm
    2. npm install -g grunt yo generator-closure-stack
    3. yo closure-stack
    4. grunt setup

    To run

    grunt run:dev

    Limitations / todos

    • does not make use of closure builder to assemble client JS
    • closure library is only used for namespacing

    Folder structure

    src code for your application

    src/client code run in the browser

    src/client/js javascript (and externs) run in the browser

    src/client/js/externs extern files for the closure compiler

    src/client/js/third_party third party code that is included directly on the page, bypassing closure compiler (except for an extern)

    src/client/js/JS_NAMESPACE js code for your application

    src/client/js/listing.json an ordered listing of code for your application

    src/client/less LESS stylesheets for your application

    src/client/soy soy templates for your application

    src/server code run on the server

    src/server/js javascript run on the server

    src/server/soy soy templates used on the server.

    src/tasks grunt tasks

    config app configuration (like server port, common paths etc) used by grunt tasks. New files are automatically imported as grunt configs and can cross-reference each other.

    build output of compilation tasks like conversion of less to css, soy templates to javascript, and closure JS compilation.

    dependencies needed binaries like node and the closure/soy compiler jars.

    node_modules node dependencies.


    npm i generator-closure-stack

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