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    Yeoman TIY Generator

    This is a Yeoman generator that is based on The Iron Yard Student Yeoman generator. This version is set up for those wanting to start a project with several popular JS libraries, and a live-server with browserify, watchify, SASS watch and livereload run

    What is Included

    • Sass
    • jQuery
    • Underscore

    What is Optional

    • Bootstrap
    • Backbone
    • Handlebars
    • React
    • React DOM
    • Backbone and Bootstrap component mixins for React

    Installation & Usage

    To install:

    npm install -g generator-clear-creek

    To update:

    npm update -g generator-clear-creek

    This is used like any other Yeoman generator. Simply navigate to your new project folder and run:

    # Important: *run this inside the project directory* 
    yo clear-creek

    npm Tasks

    There are a few specific tasks so feel free to check out the package.json but the most used one will be.

    • npm run watch - Starts a server and watches for changes, also livereload
    • npm run deploy - sorts out folders for deploying properly to gh-pages in one command
    • Be sure to keep JSX out of your .js files for the deploy command to work


    npm i generator-clear-creek

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