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is a Yeoman generator for scaffolding Composer based PHP projects. It supports a variety of 3rd party tools and intergrations and advocates the use of a custom Clean Architecture implementation.


To install the PHP project generator and its dependencies, please run:

npm install -g yo generator-cleanphp

To scaffold a new PHP project, create a new directory, cd into it and run the generator:

mkdir vendorname-project
cd vendorname-project
yo cleanphp


The generator consists of several subgenerators:

The subgenerators partly depend on each other:

Subgenerator dependencies

Each subgenerator will only run once and automatically pull in the other generators it depends on. You can run them individually at any time, using them as supplementary add-ons to your project.


The cleanphp:app subgenerator is basically a meta generator pulling in all of the other subgenerators.

yo cleanphp


The cleanphp:main generator creates the basic project structure and setup. During installation, you will be asked a couple of questions like the vendor and project name, the minimum PHP version and some information about the project author.

yo cleanphp:main

will scaffold these files and directories for you:

|-- .editorconfig
|-- .yo-rc.json
|-- composer.json
|-- composer.lock
|-- doc
|-- phpunit.php
|-- phpunit.xml.dist
`-- src
    `-- <Project> 
        |-- Application
        |-- Domain
        |-- Infrastructure
        |-- Ports
        `-- Tests

Files & directories

File Description
.editorconfig Editorconfig definitions file
.yo-rc.json Yeoman's configuration file where your answers are stored between generator runs. Don't edit this file manually. However, if you're sure you'll never run any of the generators again, you can safely delete this file. Changelog of your project. Try to stick to Keep a CHANGELOG principles when adding entries. Contributor Code of Conduct, adapted from the Contributor covenant version 1.4.
LICENCE The license you selected during installation. The main README file of your project. Be aware that it might be amended and overwritten when you run additional subgenerators at a later time. However, you'll always have the chance to review the differences (if any) and skip an update.
composer.json The Composer configuration of your project.
doc This is the directory where your project documentation should reside. You can add some basic files with the cleanphp:docs generator.
phpunit.php Bootstrap file for PHPUnit including the Composer autoloader.
phpunit.xml.dist PHPUnit configuration
src Base directory for your PHP project source files. See below for some words on the clean architecture principles propagated by the generator.

Composer dependencies


Unit tests

You can run your PHPUnit unit tests by calling the Composer script

composer run phpunit


composer run test
Dependency graph

You can create a dependency graph of your project by running

composer run depgraph

This will create an SVG file like this:

PHP project dependency graph (example)

stored in the doc directory:

|-- doc
|   `-- dependencies.svg

By default, the dependency graph is embedded into the Unless you run the cleanphp:github subgenerator, you'll have to create and update the graph manually each time you change the Composer dependencies of your project.

PHP code style linter

You can use the check-style script to test your PHP files for PSR-2 compliance:

composer run check-style

You can automatically fix a wide range of coding style violations with the fix-style script:

composer run fix-style


The cleanphp:github subgenerator is an essential requirement for most of the other subgenerators and will connect your project to a Github repository.

yo cleanphp:github

The generator initializes a local Git repository and adds some files:

|-- .git
|   `-- hooks
|       |-- post-commit
|       `-- pre-commit
|-- .gitattributes
|-- .gitignore
|-- .travis.yml

Please be aware that the generator doesn't create a remote repository on Github. You'll have to do that manually prior to running the generator. The generator will ask you for the Github repository URL. You can provide either the SSH or the HTTPS repository URL here.

Files & directories

File Description
.git The Git repository of your project
post-commit / pre-commit Git hooks that automatically recreate the dependency graph of your project whenever you commit an altered composer.json file.
.gitattributes Configuration file assigning attributes to paths.
.gitignore Specification which files (not) to track.
.travis.yml Configuration file for the Travis CI Service. For Travis to build your project on every commit, you have to manually activate the project repository in your Travis profile.


The cleanphp:codeclimate generator integrates the Code Climate 3rd party service (account needed):

yo cleanphp:codeclimate

It adds some configuration resources:

|-- .codeclimate.yml
|-- phpmd.xml

Files & directories

File Description
.codeclimate.yml Code Climate configuration file
phpmd.xml PHP Mess Detector configuration file (used by Code Climate)

Composer dependencies

Travis configuration

Among other things, the generator adds a Code Climate repository token to your Travis CI configuration file:

  - bash -c 'if [ "$TRAVIS_PHP_VERSION" != "hhvm" ]; then vendor/bin/test-reporter; fi;'
        repo_token: <CODE-CLIMATE-REPO-TOKEN>

Please obtain this token prior to running the generator by

  • adding your Github repository as a project to your Code Climate profile,
  • going to Settings > Test Coverage,
  • scrolling down, displaying the Travis CI options and copying the 64-character repo_token from there.


The cleanphp:coverage generator integrates the Coveralls 3rd party service (account needed):

yo cleanphp:coverage

Composer dependencies

Travis configuration

The generator adds an after_script entry to your Travis CI configuration file, used for submitting code coverage data to Coveralls:

  - bash -c 'if [ "$TRAVIS_PHP_VERSION" != "hhvm" ]; then php vendor/bin/coveralls -v; fi;'

Coveralls configuration

You need to manually activate the Github repository in your Coveralls account settings.


The cleanphp:scrutinizer generator integrates the Scrutinizer 3rd party service (account needed)

yo cleanphp:scrutinizer

It adds a single configuration resource:

|-- .scrutinizer.yml

Files & directories

File Description
.scrutinizer.yml Scrutinizer configuration file

Travis configuration

The generator adds two after_script entries to your Travis CI configuration file, used for submitting code coverage data to Scrutinizer:

  - bash -c 'if [ "$TRAVIS_PHP_VERSION" != "hhvm" ]; then wget; fi;'
  - bash -c 'if [ "$TRAVIS_PHP_VERSION" != "hhvm" ]; then php ocular.phar code-coverage:upload --format=php-clover build/logs/clover.xml; fi;'

Scrutinizer configuration

You need to manually add your Github repository to your Scrutinizer account.


The cleanphp:docs generator enables the Read the Docs 3rd party service to render an online documentation of your project resources (account needed):

yo cleanphp:docs

It adds some configuration and example documentation resources:

|-- doc
|   |--
|   `--
|-- mkdocs.yml

Files & directories

File Description / Basic documentation example files
mkdocs.yml MkDocs configuration file (used by Read the Docs)

Read the Docs / MkDocs configuration

To render an online documentation of your project, you have to


The cleanphp:apidocs generator installs some tools which can automatically create a rich API documentation of your project (requires PHP 5.6+):

yo cleanphp:apidocs

It adds some configuration resources:

|-- build
|-- phpdox.xml.dist

Files & directories

File Description
build Directory for temporary files needed during API documentation creation
phpdox.xml.dist phpDox configuration file

Composer dependencies


API documentation

The generator configures a couple of Composer scripts for API documentation creation:

  • phploc: Collect project size data
  • phpmd: Run PHP Mess Detector on your project
  • phpdox: Create the API documentation
  • build: Run the phploc, phpmd, phpunit and phpdox scripts in a row (complete API documentation creation)

While you can call the scripts individually, you will most likely want to run the build script to create your API documentation:

composer run build

Your documentation will be rendered into the apidocs directory (created if necessary). Please be aware that the creation will fail as long as you don't have any PHP files in your project.

To use the scripts on Windows, edit the scripts section of your composer.json manually and add a .bat file extension to all the vendor/bin/* binary calls.

Clean Architecture

Please see the recommended architecture principles for an inspiration on how to structure your PHP application.

Known problems / To-do

Currently there are no known problems.


Please refer to the changelog for a complete release history.


Copyright © 2017 Joschi Kuphal / @jkphl. generator-cleanphp is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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