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Generator cfml-mvc

A Yeoman generator for scaffolding modern ColdFusion apps.


  • MVC style folder structure with FW/1
  • Grunt build tool with file watching
  • Bower or NPM to manage front-end dependencies
  • .editorconfig for consitent coding styles within text editors
  • Define application level datasource
  • Enable and define subsystems (subsystems version 2.0)

Getting Started

  • Make sure you have yo installed: npm install -g yo
  • Install the generator: npm install -g generator-cfml-mvc
  • Run yo cfml-mvc and follow the prompts


The generator will create /app folder that will be the base of the application for FW/1 and DI/1.

Two runtime environments are supported, development (dev) and production (prod). If 'dev' is found in the URL, e.g. the environment is set to 'dev'. If 'dev' is not found the application is set to 'prod'. This also determines what configuration settings to load from /config/config.json.

The /config/config.json file is read during setupApplication() and will load the setting for the current environment into application.config. This is a good place to keep admin email addresses, API keys, etc. You may want to take precautions to prevent this file from being viewable in a browser for security purposes.

A default layout will be generated with a simple bootstrap layout that loads all front-end components defined in bower.json.

Grunt Configuration

Includes jshint, uglify, cssmin, and imagemin. It will watch for changes in all relevant files located in /assets/src and minimize to /assets/dist.

If you define the 'assetsFolder' properly for each environment in the config.json file, you can load resources specific to your environment. For example <script src='assets/#application.config.assetsFolder#/js/myfile.js'></script> will load the minified file in production, but load your full source in development (helpful when troubleshooting js errors).

Front-End Dependencies

Choose from Bower or NPM to manage your front-end dependencies. By default, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Font Awesome will be included. If using Bower, files will be installed to /assets/components and if using NPM files will be installed in the node_modules folder.

You may also opt-out of using a front-end dependency manager by choosing 'None'.


  • --skip-install Avoid running Bower and NPM


Contributions are welcome! Feel free to fork this repo and send pull requests. Disussions regarding bugs, ideas, and ways to improve the project can take place in issues


MIT License


npm i generator-cfml-mvc

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