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This is a yeoman generator that will quickly set up the perfect dev environment to make maps and visualizations with CartoDB APIs and client-side library.

First, install yo, then the yo CartoDB generator :

npm i -g yo generator-cartodb

Run the CartoDB generator:

yo cartodb

Answer the few questions asked by the CLI, then tada ! You get a lightweight but complete dev environment (see below). Then, you can run the local web server :

npm start

Features :

  • a simple local web server
  • files watch + live reload
  • js linting (eslint)
  • one of the starting templates
  • optional: a gist created for you
  • optional: es6 to es5 (babel)
  • optional: postCSS (for now only has autoprefixer)

npm is used as the task runner (see scripts section in package.json)

Filenames are optimized to appear in a nice order on gists/bl.ocks

Todo :

  • add more postCss plugins
  • automatic thumbnail generation for bl.ocks?