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CanJS generator for Yeoman

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# generator-canjs

CanJS generator for Yeoman.

Getting started

  • Install the generator: npm install -g generator-canjs
  • Go to the directory where your project will be developed: mkdir my_project && cd my_project
  • Run: yo canjs


Application scaffold

$ yo canjs

This will create basic application scaffold. It will allow you to choose if you're using RequireJS as a dependency management. This setting will affect the canjs:model and the canjs:control generators.

Model generator

$ yo canjs:model path/to/model

This will create the model file. If you call this generator as yo canjs:model models/user it will create user.js file in the models folder.

Model generator will offer to create fixtures for the generated model. For the User model fixtures will be generated in the fixtures/users.js file.

Control generator

$ yo canjs:control path/to/control/folder

This generator is different than canjs:model as it doesn't create just one file. Instead, it creates a folder which contains all files needed to run this control in isolation.

If you run it like:

$ yo canjs:control controls/users

it will create following structure:

    users.js // control file
    users.html // demo page
    init.mustache // example mustache view
    init.ejs // example ejs view

View renderers

This generator installs which allow loading of mustache and ejs files via RequireJS. It allows you to have code that looks like:

define('mustache!./init', function(initView){
  // initView is a renderer function and can be called as:


This generator comes with the Gruntfile.js which provides the build task. It will compile JavaScript and view files to the production.js file.

It is a default task so it can be called as:

$ grunt

Or as:

$ grunt build


MIT License