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    Getting Started with a Project

    Install Yeoman

    npm install -g yo

    Install the BREI-Next Generator

    npm install -g generator-brei-next

    Finally, initiate the generator in an empty directory:

    yo brei-next

    From here you will be presented with a series of options. The options will differ depending on the contents of the directory.

    What would you like to do? (Use arrow keys)
    ❯ Create a New Modern Project
      Create a New Pattern Library (Alpha)
      Create a Template
      Create an Organism
      Create a Molecule
      Create an Atom
      Create a Partial
      Create a Module

    Just follow the prompts and off you go!


    • Do not stage the project (run npm install or other dependency managers) from Dropbox. The dependency folders, especially node_modules, contain thousands of files and directories, and Dropbox can freeze the disk or cause permissions errors while it syncs.


    All Sub-Generators install the properly formatted .hbs and .scss file according to BarkleyREI front-end coding standard conventions.

    Note: you can either run yo brei-app and select the desired sub generator task, or you can use the following commands to do it manually.

    Create a new Project:

    yo brei-next:new

    Create a new Pattern Library Project:

    yo brei-next:pattern

    Create a new Template:

    yo brei-next:template

    Create a new Organism

    yo brei-next:organism

    Create a new Molecule

    yo brei-next:partial

    Create a new Atom

    yo brei-next:partial

    Create a new Partial (LEGACY)

    yo brei-next:partial

    Create a new Module (LEGACY)

    yo brei-next:module

    Testing the Generator

    This only needs run if you are locally modifying the generator files in this repo, not a project created with it.

    To Test:

    npm test

    The test takes about 3-4 minutes to run.


    npm i generator-brei-next

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