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Getting Started

Install Yeoman, Bower, and JSHint

npm install -g yo bower jshint

Install Ruby

Install Compass, SASS, and SCSS_Lint

sudo gem install compass sass scss_lint

Install the BREI-App Generator

npm install -g generator-brei-app

Finally, initiate the generator:

yo brei-app

From here you will be presented with a series of options:

What would you like to do? (Use arrow keys)
❯ Create a New Project
  Create a Partial
  Create a Module
  Create a Template
  Import a Pattern
  Update Your Project

Just follow the prompts and off you go!


All Sub-Generators install the properly formatted .hbs and .scss file. All according to conventions. Woot.

Note: you can either run yo brei-app and select the desired sub generator task, or you can use the following commands to do it manually.

Create a new Project:

yo brei-app:new

Create a new Template:

yo brei-app:template
#  @param {String} the name of your template 

Create a new Module

yo brei-app:module
#  @param {String} the name of your module 

Create a new Partial

yo brei-app:partial
#  @param {String} the name of your partial 



npm install -g jshint

To Test:

npm test