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  1. If not already installed, install Node.js v10 or higher (minimum required version is Node.js v8).

  2. Create a new directory and cd into it:

    mkdir hello-blockstack
    cd hello-blockstack
  3. Generate a Blockstack app, you can specify the framework.

    Framework Use this command to install
    Plain Javascript npx generator-blockstack --plain
    React npx generator-blockstack --react
    Vue npx generator-blockstack --vue

    For additional options run npx generator-blockstack --help.

    Alternatively, global package installation can be used. Try this if running into problems:

    npm install -g yo generator-blockstack
    yo blockstack
  4. Start the development server:

    npm run start

Testing the generated app

The single tests works for all generators:

npm run test

Testing the generator project

Within the repo directory, run npm run test. This command will generate the variants of Blockstack apps in folders called .app-gen-test, .webpack-gen-test, .react-gen-test, and .vue-gen-test. The test asserts that all expected files were actually created. It also runs the npm run test command within each app. For the React, Webpack, and Vue generators, npm run test currently builds the app, but that command can be changed. (For a React app, the typical test command is react-scripts test.)


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