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B generator

Maintainer: Miguel Cardoso

A Backbone generator forked from Revath S Kumar, with some extra components originally developed by and extended by thr44

by default, it uses Handlebars framework


Install: sudo npm install -g generator-bestiario

Make a new directory and cd into it:

mkdir my-new-project && cd $_

Run yo bestiario, optionally passing an app name:

yo bestiario [app-name]

In case of phonegap usage:

Install: npm install -g generator-bestiario

Run cordova create my-new-project "my-new-project"

`cd my-new-project`

Run yo bestiario, optionally passing an app name:

yo bestiario [app-name]

yo bestiario, optionally passing an app name:

yo bestiario [app-name]

Backbone App

Available functions:

  • Backbone.System.orientation()

  • Backbone.System.isOnline()

  • Backbone.System.isIpad()

  • Backbone.System.browser()

  • Backbone.System.browserVersion:()

  • Backbone.System.os()

  • Backbone.System.supportCanvas()

  • Backbone.System.supportLocalStorage()

  • Backbone.System.supportFile()

  • Backbone.System.supportFileSystem()

  • Backbone.System.supportRequestAnimationFrame()

  • Backbone.System.supportSessionStorage()

  • Backbone.System.supportWebgl()

  • Backbone.System.supportWorker()

  • Backbone.Locale

  • Backbone.HandlebarsHelpers: (t, capitalize, toLowerCase, toUpperCase, prettyCurrency, prettyNumber, isEmail)


Available generators:

  • bestiario:model
  • bestiario:view
  • bestiario:element-view
  • bestiario:d3-view
  • bestiario:collection-view
  • bestiario:view
  • bestiario:collection
  • bestiario:router
  • bestiario:all

Typical workflow

yo bestiario # generates your application base and build workflow
yo bestiario:model blog
yo bestiario:collection blog
yo bestiario:router blog
yo bestiario:view blog
yo bestiario:element-view blog
yo bestiario:d3-view blog
yo bestiario:collection-view blog
grunt serve


BSD license