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Bespoke.js Plugin Generator

A generator for Yeoman that scaffolds a Bespoke.js plugin.

The boilerplate plugin includes a Gulp build system with Browserify, JSHint, Karma, Istanbul, Travis CI and Coveralls preconfigured.


Assuming you have Node.js, install generator-bespokeplugin:

$ npm install -g generator-bespokeplugin

Make a new directory and cd into it:

$ mkdir bespoke-myplugin
$ cd bespoke-myplugin

Scaffold a new presentation:

$ yo bespokeplugin

Plugin workflow

All source files for the plugin reside in the lib directory.

Jasmine specs reside in the test/spec directory.

Distributable versions of your plugin are generated in the dist directory by the following gulp tasks:

Gulp tasks

Lint, test, and compile the project:

$ gulp

Lint and test your plugin whenever source files change:

$ gulp dev

Publish to npm

$ npm publish

Register with Bower

Register plugin with Bower:

$ bower register <my-plugin-name> <git-endpoint>

Bower uses Git tags for versioning.

To publish an update, first modify the version number in bower.json, then tag a new version and push to origin:

$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Bump to vX.X.X"
$ git tag -a vX.X.X -m "vX.X.X"
$ git push --tags origin master


MIT License