Yeoman generator for Bespoke.js

Bespoke.js Generator

A generator for Yeoman that scaffolds a Bespoke.js presentation.

The boilerplate project includes a Gulp build system, a preview server with LiveReload, Jade and Stylus compilation, and a GitHub Pages deployment task.

Your generated presentation optionally includes the following Bespoke.js plugins:

Assuming you have Node.js, install generator-bespoke:

$ npm install -g generator-bespoke

Make a new directory and cd into it:

$ mkdir presentation-hello-world
$ cd presentation-hello-world

Scaffold a new presentation:

$ yo bespoke

All source files for the presentation reside in the src directory.

Start a local preview server:

$ gulp serve

Compile and deploy to GitHub Pages, assuming a git repo with origin pointing to GitHub:

$ gulp deploy

To manually deploy elsewhere, compile all assets into the dist directory:

$ gulp

MIT License