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This README also available in russian.

Awesome Yeoman generator for bem-projects.

With generator-bem you can:

  • make pretty bem-project structure: yo bem
  • extend you bem-project to AngularJS application: yo bem:ng-app
  • add new AngularJS modules: yo bem:ng-module users
  • extend you bem-angular-project to NodeJS application: yo bem:server
  • distribute project with Gulp: bem make && gulp
  • get it now: npm install -g generator-bem

Default blocks techs

  • bemhtml
  • roole
  • js
  • md

You can override they with bem-tools techs in .bem/levels/.js files and also you can write you custom tech in .bem/levels/techs/.js.


Project contain bem-core lib developed by guys from Yandex and framework bem-protein that you use for base of all your bem-projects.

MIT License

Think better. Stay BEMed!