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BBB Generator Build Status

The Backbone-Boilerplate generator works with Yeoman.

A generator is a tool that allow you to rapidly create files, modules and automatically set up relationships between them. For example, the BBB generator can scaffold a complete project structure. It can also create basic module files and automatically link them to related unit test files. A generator will help you being more productive and automize repetitive scaffolding tasks.


npm install -g generator-bbb@latest

Note that the generator can also be installed locally if you want to keep different versions on different project.

Peer dependencies: When installing the generator, NPM should install other global dependencies used by the Boilerplate. If for some reason this didn't work, you can run this command: npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower.

Starting from Scratch.

yo bbb:app [path]

Scaffolds out a new Backbone Boilerplate application.

The path parameter is optional and will default to the current working directory.

Include in an existing project.

yo bbb:init

Initializes the generator configuration. This can allow you to use the generator on an existing project or to manually edit the configuration file before scaffolding the full app.

Create module.

yo bbb:module <name>

Creates a single module and its related test.

If needed, name can specify a sub-directory too: yo bbb:module views/list-item

Advanced configurations

For advanced use, you can customize the paths where you hold your application. For this, just run yo bbb:init command, and then manually edit the generated .yo-rc.json configs under the generator-bbb namespace. Some options in this file are not configured via the command line tool (for the sake of brevity). Once the manual edit is done, just run yo bbb to scaffold the project.

Please note that changing paths manually in the .yo-rc.json file won't update every config path in the multiple third party tools (e.g. Grunt and Bower). You'll need to fix these manually for now - full built-in support should come sometime in the future.


Install a development version

In order to work with the development version, you'll need to use npm-link functionality.

# Clone into a folder named `generator-bbb`.
git clone
# Change into it.
cd generator-bbb
# Here you create a global link to `generator-bbb` which will be used by NPM.
npm link
# Now you can use it!
yo bbb my-project


MIT License


npm i generator-bbb

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