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    Generator BannerLab

    Custom configuration of Generator Bannertime with ScrubGSAPTimeline implementation.

    What's changed:

    • Added ScrubGSAPTimeline in the preview page allowing you to scrub through a timeline using your mouse to debug and fine-tune your GSAP animations quickly.
    • Custom configuration for HTML, CSS, JS templates.
    • Added support for two new platforms: Adnet and Gemius.
    • Added pngquant image optimization.

    Getting started

    Install bannerlab:

    npm i -g yo generator-bannerlab gulp yarn

    Create a new directory:

    mkdir your-project

    Run the generator:

    yo bannerlab


    Create a new banner format:

    yo bannerlab:new

    Copy existing banner and resize:

    yo bannerlab:copy

    Gulp tasks

    Use gulp to automatically launch the banner into the browser with browsersync, all your changes will be reflected in the browser with each file save.

    Use gulp prod to generate a ZIP file of all the assets of the banner, these will all have been minified as well.


    • To let the timeline play automatically, move your mouse outside the document.
    • Moving your mouse off the document at, say, halfway along the X axis, will play the timeline from that percentage of the timeline (i.e. halfway through the timeline's duration).
    • Double click to pause scrubbing. Double click again to unpause.

    For more information about Bannertime read documentation.


    npm i generator-bannerlab

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