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Azure Data Studio - Extension Generator

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The Azure Data Studio Extension Generator is a Yeoman-based generator to help get you started with authoring extensions. There are 13 different possible templates for you to use.

Install the Generator

Ensure that you have Node.js and npm installed.

Install Yeoman and the Azure Data Studio Extension generator by using the following command:

npm install -g yo generator-azuredatastudio

Running the Generator

To launch the generator type:

yo azuredatastudio

The extension generator will walk you through the steps required to create your customized extension with prompting for any required information.

The command generator

To learn more about extension authoring, there are a few resources you can view. For an overview on the extension authoring process, see Extension authoring. For a tutorial using the Extension Generator to create an extension, view Create an extension.

Generator Output

These templates will:

  • Create a base folder structure with extension-specific files
  • Template out a rough package.json using your answers from the provided prompts
  • Import any assets required for your extension e.g. tmBundles or the VS Code Library
  • For Extensions: Set-up launch.json for running your extension and attaching to a process
  • Document how to get started in a file


  • 0.11.x: Added dashboard, notebook, Jupyter Book, and wizards/dialogues templates.
  • 0.10.x: Generates a Azure Data Studio extension for TypeScript 1.8.10



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