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Aurelia supports visual studio with out of the box templates.

This generator is no longer needed.


Aurelia + ASP.NET 5 + Visual Studio 2015

A Yeoman generator
... for adding the Aurelia skeleton
... to a Visual Studio 2015 ASP.NET 5 project.

This generator pulls the standard skeleton from the Aurelia repo and tweaks a couple paths to work inside the new 5 project structure.

The generator is known to work with the Aurelia skeleton v0.18.x.

Getting Started

Install generator-aurelia-vs2015 from npm:

  1. Install pre-requisites below. See the aurelia getting started guide for details.
  2. Run npm install -g generator-aurelia-vs2015

To initiate the generator

  1. Create a new ASP.NET 5 site in Visual Studio
  • Empty, Web API, or Web Application.
  1. Change to the project's root directory
  • This should be a directory under the solution root, inside the "src" folder.
  • Example,
    ... for a solution name "MySolution"
    ... created at c:\temp,
    ... with a project name of "MyApp",
    ... the project's root directory would be at c:\temp\MySolution\src\MyApp.
  1. Run yo aurelia-vs2015
  • Select which version of Visual Studio has a C++ compiler installed.
  • Wait for generator to finish.
  1. Gulp watch.
  2. Open http://localhost:9000/ in your browser to see the site.


Suggested Pre-Requisites

The project will mostly work without building, but the npm install phase of the generator may show errors.

  • node-gyp
    • npm install -g node-gyp
    • Needed to build
  • Python v2.x
    • Needed for node-gyp to build
    • Tested with Python 2.7.10.
    • 3.X does not work at this time.
  • Visual Studio C++ compiler
    • Some version of VS with the C++ compiler. Needed for node-gyp to build
    • Express editions should work too.