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How to Use

For those unfamiliar with jspm and yo, together they let us create a simple package bootstrapping scheme that includes debugging and other useful features. First, jspm is a javascript package manager for the SystemJS universal module loader ( We use this to download the necessary Javascript libraries, including the latest version of argon.js and others. Second, yoeoman ( helps you kickstart new projects using installed templates.

This project sets up an Argon generator for Yeoman. To get ready to use it, install it as follows:

  1. Install node.js/npm

  2. Install gulp, jspm, yo, and generator-argon:

npm install -g gulp jspm yo generator-argon

Once these steps are complete, you can now use yeoman to bootstrap a new Argon project.

Simply create a new, empty directory whereever you'd like your new project to be, cd into it, and use yo argon to fill it with a new sample project, ready to be used as you like, such as:

mkdir my_argon_project
cd my_argon_project
yo argon

The project is set up with an index.html file at the top level, that uses SystemJS / jspm to load the application's Javascript from src/app.js.

gulp dev

In Argon, enter <your-ip>:1337 as the url to see the example app.

To use the remote debugger, enter <your-ip>:1337/debug/ in Argon, and load your channel on your desktop browser. The remote debugger should work with any .html files in your project.