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    This generator creates a Fiori application based on Work-List template. It uses the last UI5 Tooling to make your life easier. The generated project embed alse a Fiori Launchpad Sandbox to integrate a SAPui5 Component. You do not need to create an index.html to load your project.

    This template is for Fiori programmers which develop on On-Premise ABAP system.

    We have added a cool feature during the generation. The OData service is now provided by the server. Thus, a list of available OData services is shown and selectable.


    The generator will provide to you an application in UI5 local environment or with CDN.


    • For local library: We assume that you execute the generator in the following environement :
       +- <ui5_repository>
       +- You are HERE !!!
    • For CDN scenario : nothing speciale to have.


    1. Get Node.js (version 8.5 or higher)
    2. Install the generator
      npm install -g yo generator-app-fiori
    3. Verify your installation to see if Yeoman has been installed correctly
      Make sure you see the app-fiori generator listed.


    Create your first SAPui5 App within a few seconds!

    1. Scaffold your SAPui5 project
      yo app-fiori
    2. Answer the prompts to create your SAPui5 project
    3. Run it locally
      cd <your project name>
      npm start
    4. Your favorite browser launches the Launchpad.html

    Deploy on ABAP Server

    npm run build npm run deploy

    This command will build your UI5 application into dist folder, and then deploy into your ABAP system.

    All the crednetials should be done in the file .env. It should be ignore by the git engine for security purpose.

    All the TODO statements should be replaced.


    Before launching the script please update your ui5.yaml file in the section ui5 :

        language: EN
        package: $TMP
        bspContainer: ZTODO
        bspContainerText: UI5 Upload
        transportNo: TODO
        calculateApplicationIndex: true

    The language should be change by the rigth language in 2 characters.

    npm deploy

    What's inside the template

    • Full page application with route enabled
    • Semantic page (sap.f.semantic)
    • BaseController.js
    • QUnit
    • XML Views only
    • OData messages handled
    • ES6 lint
    • Class template for OData call with promise
    • Class template for UIModel
    • Add fragemnt as sub-generator
    • Change UI5 version for CDN scenario

    Others Commands

    Change UI5 version

    With that command, if you have configured the CDN approach, then you will be able to modify the version of your file.

    myRepo> npm yo app-fiori:changeui5version

    Add new fragment

    You can add a new fragment in your application. We provide 3 templates :

    • Empty fragment
    • SimpleForm
    • SelectDialog
    myRepo> npm yo app-fiori:newfragment


    I based my work on multiple sources.

    I wanted to fork the Easy-ui5 generator but the structre was not what I expected. I do not want the abillity to add HTML or JS view. The application I wanted to have as template should have App.view as starting point. Furthermore, I wanted to used the semantic page to build my application.


    Version 1.3.2

    Fix: stdout clear on SAP Application Wizard UI

    Version 1.3.1

    Fix: Client under 100 cause connection issue #7

    Version 1.3.0

    • Upd: Prompting CDN UI5 version add other to be able to use another library
    • Add: command changeui5version
    • Add: command newfragment with 3 templates
    • Fix: Odata mainservice when no service prompting
    • Add: OData service helper during the prompting process. A REST request is sent to retreive all services available.
    • Generator quality
      • Add unit test for the generator
      • Add code coverage for the generator

    Version 1.2.2

    • Corr: XML View error for parameter unknown

    Version 1.2.1

    • Bug: .env file not created
    • Some minor correction
    • Corr: prompting OData question like a list

    Version 1.2.0

    • Add ES6 lint checkup
    • Corr. QUnit directory
    • Add test script which launch QUnit
    • Include dot files (e.g. .gitignore, .elsintrc, ...)
    • @ui5/cli: version 2.4.5
    • Prompting:
      • Password is hidden
      • Some answers are stored such as server, client, password (hidden) ....
      • Option to escape the OData service
      • Changing the layout
    • Security : put all user and password in .env file

    Version 1.1.0

    • Clear i18n files
    • Add auto UI5 Reloader
    • Add UI5 Tooling 2.2
      • Update spec file to 2.2
      • ui5@cli 2.4.*
    • Add LaunchpadCDN.html
    • Add UI5 version selection
    • Rename : Launchpad.html --> flpLaunchpad.html
    • Add new script
      • startCDN : launch test/flpLaunchpadCDN.html
    • Corr. UIModel namespace
    • Add class for OData call with Promise
    • Add UI5 serve live reload


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