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Scaffolds Android Kotlin-Based App that consumes an Api scaffolded with JHipster generator.

Currently this generator is in experimental fase and works with Monolithic Application, and JWT authentication. To use the social login you have to modify a little bit your Api project


First, install Yeoman and generator-android-jhi using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-android-jhi


Create a folder and go inside

mkdir my-android-project && cd my-android-project

then generate the code:

yo android-jhi

You can copy your .jhipster folder from the target Jhipster project and run:

yo android-jhi:entity

Then you can choose which entities do you want to consume with your mobile App. CRUD operations will be scaffolded

Finally import the project with Android Studio

Configure Social Login

On your web/api project use the jhipster-social-login-api to add the extra controllers that you need and follow the instructions

For google, run

./gradlew signingReport

And generate as many Android credentials as you need (one for packageName-keystoreSHA1 pair)

then copy the Client-id from YOUR WEB CREDENTIAL (don't use the client-id from the Android credentials) and replace the value of the "default_web_client_id" string resource

For facebook replace the two string resources for de values in your credential

Getting To Know Yeoman

  • Yeoman has a heart of gold.
  • Yeoman is a person with feelings and opinions, but is very easy to work with.
  • Yeoman can be too opinionated at times but is easily convinced not to be.
  • Feel free to learn more about Yeoman.


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