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yeoman agency-boilerplate-generator

this yeoman-generator is a very easy way to install the agency-boilerplate.



Updates Version 0.0.8

Generation of subfolders

Updates Version 0.0.9

Generating of a package blueprint

Updates Version 0.1.0

Generating of a package boilerplate

Updates Version 0.1.1

Generating of a hbs package template

Updates Version 0.1.2


Updates Version 0.1.3

Possibility to create a template without a JS-Controller

Updates Version 0.1.5

removed controller class in templates

Updates Version 0.1.7

Possibility to create ES6-Controller
removed Boilerplate 2.0/2.1
added new image optimizer task

Updates Version 0.2.2

fixed template for ES6 Controller


when generating subfolders, the pathes in the generated JS-Controller must be edited to match.
(only with hbs-template, this issue is fixed with hbs-package-template)


You need yeoman installed globally:

$ npm i -g yo
$ npm i -g generator-agency-boilerplate


download the core boilerplate

$ yo agency-boilerplate

create a hbs-template

$ yo agency-boilerplate:hbs-template

create a hbs-package-template

$ yo agency-boilerplate:hbs-package-template

create a package

$ yo agency-boilerplate:package

optimize images (JPG/PNG) with quality steps

$ yo agency-boilerplate:image-opt

optimize SVG

$ yo agency-boilerplate:svg-opt