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A AdmoApplication generator for Yeoman.

Creating a new app

mkdir $appName
cd $appName
yo admo #when prompted for an app name PLEASE enter $appName
git init 
git add .
git commit -m "First commit empty admo project"

Using an exsisting app

cd $appName
npm install
grunt server

Creating components

Run this command from the project root.

yo admo:component $component

This will create required js + sass files. They should automatically be added to _include.html and main.scss

Running and Building

grunt server     # preview it in the emulator
grunt build      # Compiles it and creates a ziped "pod"


package.json lists dependencies that are required for building, testing, etc. and are installed through npm install.

bower.json lists JS dependencies that are required by the app and are installed through bower install.