A generator for Yeoman

Adaptive.js Generator

A generator for Yeoman that lets you quickly setup an Adaptive.js project.

Install generator-adaptivejs:

npm install -g generator-adaptivejs

Run yo adaptivejs:

yo adaptivejs

Follow the prompts and answer the required questions

Once completed, run grunt preview to start previewing

If you made a change to generator-adaptivejs and you want to test the local version of the Yeoman generator, run npm link and then yo adaptivejs.

Specifying the --slug option allows you to skip the prompt for entering the project's slug:

yo adaptivejs --slug [project-slug]

Specifying the --url option allows you to skip the prompt for entering your site's URL:

yo adaptivejs --url [site-url]

If you want to use some simple defaults, you can use the --defaults option:

yo adaptivejs --defaults

For Mobify's specific defaults, use the following:

yo adaptivejs --defaults mobify

To run tests within generator-adaptivejs itself:

grunt test

To run unit and integration tests in the generated project:

grunt test

To run nightwatch WebDriver tests in the generated project:

grunt nightwatch

When releasing a new version, follow these steps:

  1. Bump version in package.json
  2. Add to CHANGELOG
  3. Create a new git tag corresponding to that version and push to origin.
  4. npm publish