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    Generate NodeJS app

    Type in your terminal npx generate-nodejs-app and see the magic happens!


    This is a tool inspired on create-react-app to generate a basic structure of a NodeJS app using the most commonly used tools when creating JS APIs.

    When running this tool you will have a new NodeJS API with a basic app to manage a todo list. All the boilerplate is going to be automatically generated for you.

    Your new application will include the following items:

    • Express (already with body-parser, cors and other configs already set)
    • Mongoose (to communicate with MongoDB)
    • Jest/Supertest (with some passing tests to help you create your owns)
    • Linting with Standard JS

    Todo app

    The todo app generated by generate-nodejs-app will have the folder structure already defined, including 4 endpoints with passing tests so you do not have to think about how your app will be structured, leaving you free to spend time on what matters, your application.

    The 4 endpoints are the following:

    • GET http://localhost:3000
    • POST http://localhost:3000
    • PUT http://localhost:3000/todo-item-id
    • DELETE http://localhost:3000/todo-item-id

    The POST and PUT accept the following JSON:

      "task": "Study NodeJS"

    This is just a simple app to get you started, feel free to delete and do whatever you want with it!

    Comparing with create-react-app

    This is not intended to work the way create-reat-app does, it is more like the "ejected" version of the React one, after running this tool and creating your app you will have to manage it the same way you would if you created it by yourself, updating the dependencies and all that stuff.


    • Coverage report
    • More options when generating the app (without the todo app...)


    This tool was created by Cobasi Labs. We hope you find it useful and inspires you to create new apps, and we would be glad if you contribute with some improvements as well!




    npm i generate-nodejs-app

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