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Cross-platform shell utiliites based on ShellJS. It's the $ in Projfiles.


Require it

var $ = require('gee-shell');

Shell extends ShellJS

$.cp('-rf', 'client/css', 'public/css');

To run single command

$.run('cat test.js test2.js > test3.js');

To run multiple node and CoffeeScript scripts

  .run('cat test.js test1.js > test2.js')
  .node('test.js arg1 arg2')
  .coffee('')           # uses local coffee if it exists


Name Description Example
coffee Runs a CoffeeScript script $.coffee('')
inside Run operations within a directory $.inside('build', callback){})
node Runs a node script $.node('hello.js')
open Opens a document $.open('index.html')
outdated Tests if arg1 older than arg2 $.outdated(file, againstFile)
run Runs a single command $.run('cat test.js test1.js')
runner Chain sequence of commands $'echo $PATH').node('script.js').start()
unpack Unpack (.tar .tar.gz
wget Downloads one or more files $.wget({'index.html': '', 'index.html'})
which Finds exe in [node_modules, path] $.which('coffee')


Name Description Example
HOME User's home directory console.log('Home: ', $.HOME)
isWindows Test if running on Windows. $.isWindows && console.log('Running on Windows.')
isMac Test if running on Darwin. $.isMac && console.log('Running on Mac.')
isLinux Test if running on Linux. $.isLinux && console.log('Running on Linux.')


The MIT License

Copyright (c) 2013 Mario Gutierrez

See the file COPYING for copying permission.