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Contains coffee templates for geddy

Disclaimer: This is work in progress and experimental. The main purpose of this project at this stage is to test a new template switch in geddy's cli. The following is just the expected usage. geddy-*-templates aren't working in geddy, available on NPM, might not even contain real templates and some template features might not be supported by geddy.

Using from NPM

npm install it in your geddy app

$ npm install geddy-coffee-templates

Scaffold your app using the new templates

$ npm scaffold todo title:default status --templates coffee

Voila. Scaffold will use the files from this module instead of the default templates.

Installing globally

npm install it globally

$ npm install geddy-coffee-templates -g

Now you can create a new app using the base scripts on this module

$ geddy app myapp --templates coffee

Voila. v.s.

Cloning from GitHub

Clone this repo

$ git clone

Create a base app or scaffold using the --templates switch

geddy app myapp --templates /path/to/the/cloned/repo

Voila. Ditto