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Another utilization of NodeJS technologies in one package.

Technologies supported and available

Getting started

    npm install --save gds-stack

Sample configuration

GDS-stack uses our very own fluid-chains to process configurations and for you to add your own chain.

    var GDS = require('gds-stack');
    var fluidChains = require('fluid-chains');
    var ExecuteChain = fluidChains.ExecuteChain;
    var ClusterChains = GDS.ClusterChains;
    var DockerChains = GDS.DockerChains;
    var DatabaseChains = GDS.DatabaseChains;
    var ServerChains = GDS.ServerChains;
    var LoggerChains = GDS.LoggerChains;
    var Logger = GDS.Logger;
    var ExpressApp = GDS.ExpressApp;
        mongo_databaseName: 'data-sample-db',
        mongo_retry: 5,
        logger_name: 'SampleLogger',
        logger_filePath: 'sample-logger.log',
        server_tempDir: 'files',
        server_port: 8080
     function(result) {
        Logger('SampleLogger').info('Server in running Express on port 8080');
        ExpressApp.get('/', function(req, res) {
            res.status(200).send('hello world');

Docker Configuration

For linked containers

Chain Parameter Description value default
DOCKER_CONNECT docker_proxyHost proxy host ?String none
DOCKER_CONNECT docker_proxyPort proxy port ?Number none
DOCKER_CONNECT docker_serviceRetry number of retries *Number none
DOCKER_CONNECT docker_serviceTimeout timeout in milisecond ?Number 5000

Logger Configuration

For log4js configuration

Chain Parameter Description value default
LOGGER_CONFIG logger_name name of logger *String none
LOGGER_CONFIG logger_filePath absolute path of the log file *String none
LOGGER_CONFIG logger_level level of logs to write ?String all

Database Configuration

Chain Parameter Description value default
MONGO_CONFIG mongo_port mongo database port ?Number 27017
MONGO_CONFIG mongo_host mongo database host *String localhost
MONGO_CONFIG mongo_databaseName mongo database name *String none
MONGO_CONFIG mongo_user mongo database username ?String none
MONGO_CONFIG mongo_password mongo database password ?String none

Server Configuration

Chain Parameter Description value default
GDS_SERVER_CONFIG server_domainApi domain dto object of the current app service ?GDSDomainDTO none
GDS_SERVER_CONFIG server_cors Cors option Object default cors option
GDS_SERVER_CONNECT_MULTIPARTY server_tempDir file directory path *String none
GDS_SERVER_HTTP_LISTENER server_port express server http port ?Number 80
GDS_SERVER_HTTP_LISTENER server_host express server http host to bind
GDS_SERVER_HTTPS_LISTENER server_httpsPort express server https port ?Number 443
GDS_SERVER_HTTPS_LISTENER server_host express server https host to bind
GDS_SERVER_HTTP_PROXY_LISTENER server_proxyPort proxy server port ?Number 8080
GDS_SERVER_HTTPS_PROXY_LISTENER server_proxyHttpsPort proxy server https port ?Number 443
GDS_SERVER_HTTP(S)_PROXY_LISTENER server_addresses target hosts *[{host,port}] []
GDS_SERVER_HTTPS_(PROXY)_LISTENER server_privateKey_path server privateKey (.key) file path *String none
GDS_SERVER_HTTPS_(PROXY)_LISTENER server_certificate_path server certificate (.cert) file path *String none
GDS_SERVER_HTTPS_(PROXY)_LISTENER server_encoding server file encoding ?String 'utf8'

Cluster Configuration

Chain Parameter Description value default
CLUSTER_CONFIG cluster_max_cpu Number of cpu to fork ?Number os cpu count


Chain Parameter Description value default
INPUT_HANDLER util_inputMap maps the process.argv value to a context field *{argv[index]:String} none

SocketIO Listener

Chain Parameter Description value default
GDS_SERVER_SOCKET_IO_LISTENER server_host Http server host String localhost
GDS_SERVER_SOCKET_IO_LISTENER server_port Http server port String localhost
GDS_SERVER_SOCKET_IO_LISTENER server_socket_events This is where you put the events Object: {event(String):chainName(String)} localhost



npm i gds-stack

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