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Javascript utility to store application data to Google Drive app data folder.

Including it in your app

The distribution file is inside the dist folder (gdad.js). Including that file in your html file will expose a global variable named gdad which is a factory.

Creating app data API

var appData = gdad('your_file_name.json', 'YOUR_APP_CLIENT_ID')


The API consists of 2 straight forward methods: read and save. Usually, the flow is: reading app data at the start of your app, and then save the data at some point in your app life cycle.

Reading app data (data) {
  // do something with data here
}, function () {
  // handle error (show UI button and try to read again; this time it will show the authorize popup)

When the user has not authorized your app to save data in the google drive, read will fail on first call. When this happens, you must show an UI element (usually a button), on click of this element you should call again, and this time it will show the authorize popup.

Saving app data;

data must be a serializable object (JSON.stringify must not fail on it)

What happens under the hood

read has the following flow: authorize, load drive api, get app data file id or create app data file and get its id, and, finally, read app data.

save has the same flow, except it saves the app data at the end.

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