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    JavaScript FFI wrapper for GemStone C Interface (GCI)

    GemStone is an object database and Smalltalk application runtime environment. You interact with the database through a dynamically linked C library available for Linux, macOS, and Windows. To use a C library from JavaScript we use ffi-napi, a foreign function library wrapper that allows us to define C types, structures, and function entry points, then load and call a C library.

    GemBuilder for C documentation (HTML or PDF) describes the API for the single-threaded GCI library. We are using a new thread-safe library that has fewer functions (but more features). It is not separately documented, but has a header file, gcits.hf, that is the definitive specification (a recent copy is included with this checkout).

    The needed C libraries are not included as part of this checkout since there is a different set of libraries for each platform (*.so for Linux, *.dylib for macOS, and *.dll for Windows), and for each GemStone version. You should download a recent version and the appropriate product for your platform. Then move the appropriate files into the directory of your choice. As of 3.5.2, the required files were the following:

    • libgcits-3.5.2-64.*
    • libkrb5-3.5.2-64.*
    • libssl-3.5.2-64.*

    The default location is ./lib/, but you can place them anywhere. The file ./src/GciDefault.js contains a default config file that will be copied to ./GciLogin.js. You can edit the library attribute in that file to point to the actual libgcits library (either a relative or an absolute path).


    We use index.js to import GciSession which has the primary public API. This is strictly a proof-of-concept, and is used by VSCode-GemStone.


    With the Jest extension, create a debug configuration and run to see the tests.

    Contributing Code

    To add new function wrappers follow these steps:

    • Identify a new function from gcits.hf (pick from the list below);
    • Add it to GciLibrary with the appropriate name, arguments, and return type;
    • Add a wrapper function to GciSession to provide a JavaScript-like API;
    • Add a test to show that it works; and, finally,
    • Submit a pull request!

    For inspiration, see GciForPython.

    Function List

    Desired Functions

    The following provides a list of all the functions defined in gcits.hf grouped to roughly parallel the tables in the GemBuilder for C manual. Checked items have been completed.

    Table 7.1 Functions for Controlling Sessions and Transactions

    ✓   BoolType   GciTsAbort(GciSession sess, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   BoolType   GciTsBegin(GciSession sess, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   BoolType   GciTsCommit(GciSession sess, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   char*      GciTsEncrypt(const char* password, char *outBuf, size_t outBuffSize);
    ✓   int        GciTsSessionIsRemote(GciSession sess);
    ✓   GciSession GciTsLogin(...);
    ✓   BoolType   GciTsLogout(GciSession sess, GciErrSType *err);

    Table 7.2 Functions for Handling Errors and Interrupts and for Debugging

    ✓   BoolType   GciTsBreak(GciSession sess, BoolType hard, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   int        GciTsCallInProgress(GciSession sess, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   BoolType   GciTsClearStack(GciSession sess, OopType gsProcess, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsContinueWith(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   int        GciTsGemTrace(GciSession sess, int enable, GciErrSType *err);

    Table 7.3 Functions for Managing Object Bitmaps

    ✓   BoolType   GciTsReleaseObjs(GciSession sess, OopType *buf, int count, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   BoolType   GciTsReleaseAllObjs(GciSession sess, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   BoolType   GciTsSaveObjs(GciSession sess, OopType *buf, int count, GciErrSType *err);

    Table 7.4 Functions for Compiling and Executing Smalltalk Code in the Database

    ✓   OopType    GciTsCompileMethod(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   BoolType   GciTsProtectMethods(GciSession sess, BoolType mode, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsExecute(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsExecute_(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   ssize_t    GciTsExecuteFetchBytes(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsPerform(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   ssize_t    GciTsPerformFetchBytes(GciSession sess, ...);

    Table 7.5 Functions for Accessing Symbol Dictionaries

    ✓   OopType    GciTsResolveSymbol(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsResolveSymbolObj(GciSession sess, ...);

    Table 7.6 Functions for creating and Initializing Objects

    ✓   int        GciTsGetFreeOops(GciSession sess, OopType *buf, int numOopsRequested, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsNewObj(GciSession sess, OopType aClass, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsNewByteArray(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsNewString_(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsNewSymbol(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsNewUnicodeString_(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsNewUtf8String_(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   int64      GciTsFetchUnicode(GciSession sess, ...);

    Table 7.7 Functions for Converting Objects and Values

    ✓   BoolType   GciTsOopIsSpecial(OopType oop);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsFetchSpecialClass(OopType oop);
    ✓   int        GciTsOopToChar(OopType oop);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsCharToOop(uint ch);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsDoubleToSmallDouble(double aFloat);
    ✓   OopType    GciI32ToOop(int arg);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsDoubleToOop(GciSession sess, double aDouble, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   BoolType   GciTsOopToDouble(GciSession sess, OopType oop, ...);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsI64ToOop(GciSession sess, int64 arg, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   BoolType   GciTsOopToI64(GciSession sess, OopType oop, int64 *result, GciErrSType *err);

    Table 7.8 Object Traversal and Path Functions

        int        GciTsStoreTravDoTravRefs(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   int        GciTsFetchTraversal(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   BoolType   GciTsStoreTrav(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   int        GciTsMoreTraversal(GciSession sess, ...);

    Table 7.9 Structural Access Functions

    ✓   int64      GciTsFetchBytes(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   int64      GciTsFetchChars(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   int64      GciTsFetchUtf8Bytes(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   BoolType   GciTsStoreBytes(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   int        GciTsFetchOops(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   BoolType   GciTsStoreOops(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   int        GciTsRemoveOopsFromNsc(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   int64      GciTsFetchObjInfo(GciSession sess, OopType objId, ...);
    ✓   int64      GciTsFetchSize(GciSession sess, OopType obj, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   int64      GciTsFetchVaryingSize(GciSession sess, OopType obj, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   OopType    GciTsFetchClass(GciSession sess, OopType obj, GciErrSType *err);
    ✓   int        GciTsIsKindOf(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   int        GciTsIsSubclassOf(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   int        GciTsIsKindOfClass(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   int        GciTsIsSubclassOfClass(GciSession sess, ...);
    ✓   BoolType   GciTsObjExists(GciSession sess, OopType obj);

    Table 7.10 Utility Functions

    ✓   uint       GciTsVersion(char *buf, size_t bufSize);
        int        GciTsWaitForEvent(GciSession sess, int latencyMs, ...);
        BoolType   GciTsCancelWaitForEvent(GciSession sess, GciErrSType *err);

    Other Functions


    GciTs offers a variety of Fork functions that take a callback. But since node-ffi supports async library calls, we don't need to do it ourselves.

        BoolType   GciTsForkLogin(...);
        BoolType   GciTsForkContinueWith(GciSession sess, ...);
        BoolType   GciTsForkExecute(GciSession sess, ...);
        BoolType   GciTsForkPerform(GciSession sess, ...);
        BoolType   GciTsForkStoreTravDoTravRefs(GciSession sess, ...);


    The following are deprecated in favor of the underscore version.

        OopType    GciTsNewString(GciSession sess, ...);
        OopType    GciTsNewUnicodeString(GciSession sess, ...);
        OopType    GciTsNewUtf8String(GciSession sess, ...);

    The following provide UTF-8 conversion that can be done in JavaScript.

        BoolType   GciUtf8To8bit(const char* src, char *dest, ssize_t destSize);
        ssize_t    GciNextUtf8Character(const char* src, size_t len, uint *chOut);

    GCI Errors

    The following do not seem to work.

        BoolType   GciTsClassRemoveAllMethods(GciSession sess, ...);
        int64      GciTsFetchUtf8(GciSession sess, ...);



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