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npm install gb-palettes

Importing all palettes:
const palettes = require('gb-palettes');
import palettes from 'gb-palettes';

Importing a subset (see categories in table below):
const devicePalettes = require('gb-palettes/src/devices.js');
import devicePalettes from 'gb-palettes/src/devices.js';

Importing a single palette:
const gbPocketColors = require('gb-palettes/src/palettes/gbpocket.js');
import gbPocketColors from 'gb-palettes/src/palettes/gbpocket.js';

List of Palettes

ShortName Name Preview Categories Origin
bw Black & White bw classic, devices
dmg Original Game Boy dmg classic, devices
gbpocket Game Boy Pocket gbpocket classic, devices
bgb BGB Emulator bgb classic
gbli Game Boy Light gbli classic, devices by HerrZatacke
grafixkidgray Grafixkid Gray grafixkidgray creative
grafixkidgreen Grafixkid Green grafixkidgreen creative
blackzero Game Boy (Black Zero) palette blackzero creative
gbcjp PocketCamera, JP gbcjp devices, gbcolor
gbcu Game Boy Color Splash Up gbcu devices, gbcolor The Cutting Room Floor
gbcua Game Boy Color Splash Up+A gbcua devices, gbcolor The Cutting Room Floor
gbcub Game Boy Color Splash Up+B gbcub devices, gbcolor The Cutting Room Floor
gbcl Game Boy Color Splash Left gbcl devices, gbcolor The Cutting Room Floor
gbcla Game Boy Color Splash Left+A gbcla devices, gbcolor The Cutting Room Floor
gbclb Game Boy Color Splash Left+B gbclb devices, gbcolor The Cutting Room Floor
gbcd Game Boy Color Splash Down gbcd devices, gbcolor The Cutting Room Floor
gbcda Game Boy Color Splash Down+A gbcda devices, gbcolor The Cutting Room Floor
gbcdb Game Boy Color Splash Down+B gbcdb devices, gbcolor The Cutting Room Floor
gbcr Game Boy Color Splash Right gbcr devices, gbcolor The Cutting Room Floor
gbceuus Game Boy Color Splash Right+A (Game Boy Camera, EU/US) gbceuus devices, gbcolor The Cutting Room Floor
gbcrb Game Boy Color Splash Right+B gbcrb devices, gbcolor The Cutting Room Floor
cybl Cyanide Blues cybl creative by HerrZatacke
aqpp Audi Quattro Pikes Peak aqpp creative
wtfp Waterfront Plaza wtfp creative
chig Childhood in Greenland chig creative
rcs Rusted City Sign rcs creative
fsil Floyd Steinberg in Love fsil creative
shzol Space Haze Overload shzol creative
tdoyc The death of Yung Columbus tdoyc creative
cfp Caramel Fudge Paranoia cfp creative
sfh Sunflower Holidays sfh creative
dhg Deep Haze Green dhg creative
yirl Youth Ikarus reloaded yirl creative
cctr Candy Cotton Tower Raid cctr creative
d2kr Dune 2000 remastered d2kr creative
shmgy Super Hyper Mega Gameboy shmgy creative
llawk Links late Awakening llawk creative
cga1 CGA Palette Crush 1 cga1 creative
cga2 CGA Palette Crush 2 cga2 creative
marmx Metroid Aran remixed marmx creative
slmem Starlit Memories slmem creative
datn Drowning at night datn creative
tsk The starry knight tsk creative
ppr Purple Rain ppr creative
cmyk CMYKeystone cmyk creative
vb85 Virtual Boy 1985 vb85 creative
azc Azure Clouds azc creative
gelc Golden Elephant Curry gelc creative
roga Romero’s Garden roga creative by HerrZatacke
kditw Knee-Deep in the Wood kditw creative by HerrZatacke
dimwm Dies ist meine Wassermelone dimwm creative by HerrZatacke
spezi My Friend from Bavaria spezi creative by HerrZatacke
ffs Flowerfeldstraße ffs creative by HerrZatacke
banana There’s always money banana creative by HerrZatacke
hipster Artistic Caffeinated Lactose hipster creative by HerrZatacke
nc Nortorious Comandante nc creative by HerrZatacke
glmo Glowing Mountains glmo creative by HerrZatacke
tpa Tramonto al Parco degli Acquedotti tpa creative delma


Contributions of new palettes is very welcome. If you want to do so, please create a pull-request which contains:

  • Addition of your palette to the importable category files.
  • The new palette file itself.

palette file structure:

module.exports = {
  shortName: 'gbcua',
  name: 'Game Boy Color Splash Up+A',
  palette: ['#ffffff', '#ff8f84', '#943a3a', '#000000'],
  origin: 'Wikipedia',
  • Make sure your contribution matches the rules in the .editorconfig.
  • Use singlequotes.
  • Provide a shortName which can be used as a vaild ID in html and as a javascript object key. Also, make sure the shortName matches the filename of your palette file.
  • Provide a descriptive and informational human readable name yor your palette* Provide the Hex-Values in lowercase with six characters.
  • If possible, provide the origin of your palette. (source/creator/if you created it yourself, use by YourName).
  • Before submitting your pull-request run npm run readme to update the table of palettes.

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