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    Gatsby Theme: WTF

    A Gatsby theme for publishing your second brains, hyperlinking your zettelkasten, tending your digital garden, or for keeping a space-age commonplace as I like to.

    🥣 The Digs 🧰

    If anything, it's the plugins that make Gatsby great.

    1. Theme UI - a theme-able styled component library
    2. React Slips Hook - lets us view multiple pages at once, layered over each other like slips of paper (a refactor of react-stacked-pages-hook)
    3. FlexSearch - lightning-fast full-text dependency-free search with Downshift-powered results
    4. Tippy - tooltips previews of internal wiki links
    5. Prism - syntax highlighting for MDX code fences

    👷 How to use this theme 🏗️

    # preliminary and potentially unnecessary steps
    npm i -g yarn
    yarn set version berry
    yarn global add gatsby
    # one-liner install
    gatsby new wtf

    Fork it up

    This theme lives on GitHub, feel free to use it as a template or generally fork it up anyway you like.

    It's a live (example)

    To see this theme in action, check out my commonplace. Fair warning, this is not a polished place, but rather a place to play and fail and learn in public.


    npm i gatsby-theme-wtf

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